YouTube vs Vimeo


More businesses are turning to video for their online marketing efforts. This is due to the widely held belief that video is the future of content marketing. This is a well founded belief as the level of personal touch that you get with video. There’s nothing like the feelings of having a human face and voice speaking to you.

The video sharing market largely comes down to YouTube and Vimeo. But which one of these video giants is the right choice? That answer comes down to to the types of videos you want to produce, who is in your target audience and where they watch videos and what your budget is.

In a recent AdWeek article, they compared the two video platforms. This is what they had to so say.

YouTube Pros
1. YouTube is the worlds most popular video sharing platform
2. YouTube is free for all to use
3. YouTube has plenty of advertising opportunities

Vimeo Pros
1. Vimeo is the epitome of professionalism
2. Vimeo’s video player is completely customizable
3. Vimeo has to better, more in depth analytics tool
4. You can build a community around your videos

YouTube Cons
1. Anyone can get a free YouTube account
2. YouTube’s advertising is incredibly aggressive
3. YouTube’s analytics tool isn’t very insightful

Vimeo Cons
1. Vimeo gets less traffic than YouTube
2. There are fewer features available with a free account

As you can see, both platforms have their merits when it comes to content marketing. While this article isn’t meant to make a case for one or the other, I do hope it gives you more insight to help you determine which one is right for your marketing needs.


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